"The principal architects of my being were none other than my parents, Ms. Lula Lee, and Mr. James (Tommy) Lee. My Father worked at Dupont for 40 years. They worked in this community tirelessly, and instilled core values in me of honesty, service, and always giving your very best. These values mirrored those of the Air Force; Integrity, Service Before Self, and

Excellence In All We Do. I want to give back to my home community that I
remember fondly growing up right on Shiloh Ave and Port Republic Rd. Our citizens shouldn’t just live here but thrive here. With 28 years of service in the U.S. Air Force, I hold a high level of integrity, honesty, and
accountability. I strongly believe in service before self and providing
excellence in everything I do. I know what it takes to find necessary
solutions, navigate complicated issues, and work together to get things done."


  • Continue to ensure infrastructures are kept in a condition that are conductive to a safe and secure environment that promotes greater learning opportunities for our children.

  • Explore Waynesboro's eligibility for HB563, SB473 and SB471 the School Construction Fund and Program.


We must bring more awareness to the homeless epidemic happening in the City of Waynesboro and do our best to address the rising cost of adequate housing which is impacting our low-income individuals and families who are trying to maintain a comfortable cost of living in the city.


We must continue to promote and provide financial support and resources to our small-owned businesses. Small business development creates the character of the city.


We must address any part of the city that may need attention to include our historic neighborhoods like the one I live in.


We must be a city government that affords direct and frequent engagement with our community. I will always operate ethically, efficiently, and with transparency.